Metagascar Whitepaper


The Metagascar project was born from the need for people to connect at a higher level of consciousness. The basic human need is to connect with like-minded individuals to share experiences, give advice and have fun that enriches and drives personal growth through community interaction. Metagascar is uniquely doing this by building a digital version of a community to collaborate, interact, educate, and play games. Essentially, it will be a Non Fungible City.

The current and the next generation are connected to the internet more than ever before. They'll be one step removed from the physical world. The metaverse will be interwoven in the fabric of their lives, from music, the arts to cross-continental communication. This new decentralized yet interconnected community of individuals will spend time online through avatars in virtual spaces on various platforms. Metagascar will be an excellent place for people to experience live music, education, mental health, drug rehab, and multiple forms of arts virtually for the first time. By enabling those who are geographically located in other parts of the country and world, they will have a safe place to interact with one another.


At its core, Metagascar is a LOOT NFT project which is the basis of the building block for the community to take the lead. The properties are set up in a community structure with a total of 20 lots per community. Their street name identifies each community. The lot size, home size, and home styles are the characteristics listed in the LOOT NFT.

Metagascar will have a president and a vice president that the entire community will vote into office. Gastonian Punks OG NFT owners will be able to run for President. Voting is cast via Gastonian Punk OG and Gastonian Punk NFTs. Similarly, each community will have an HOA leader voted into office by their respective community.


Each community will have a Homeowner Association (HOA). Property owners may elect a community board leader to represent the entire community's interest. The 20th house in each community will be reserved as a common congregation area for property owners to socialize, propose changes, and cast votes. The community member can submit proposals, i.e. change the street's name, allow holiday decorations, share resources, etc.

There are 16,000 properties in Metagascar that are split between the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. Properties identified from #1 to #1000 are reserved for landowners minted on the Polygon blockchain. As of this writing, properties from #1001 to #8000 are available for minting on the Ethereum blockchain.

How to Buy Property in Metagascar

There are several options to buy a Metagascar property as indicated below. However, the Metagascar Map is a great reference point to get familiarized with the greater community (add URL link here).

Option 1

Connect your wallet to, then select the "view properties" tab. Enter the property number you wish to purchase (i.e. 2000, 2010, 2013 etc.) under the "Enter Home No." menu. If the property is "unassigned," then scroll down to mint, select the ''mint'' button and approve the transaction to complete the purchase.

Example: Property descriptions and associated attributes that is shown as “Home Owner Unassigned” as of this writing.

Option 2

Ensure your wallet is connected to the Ethereum mainnet and connect your wallet to Opensea Find a property of interest, select the ''buy now'' tab, and approve the transaction.

Option 3

Ensure your wallet is connected to the Polygon mainnet and connect your wallet to Opensea Find a property of interest, select the buy now tab, and approve the transaction.


There will be opportunities for employment in Metagascar for artists, developers, and various professions. Imagine hosting a party in your Metagascar home or community space, where you hire a comedian and a live band to perform virtually. How about having a virtual wedding with the one you love? Better yet, connect to the Metagascar home shopping network and place an order for a product you like. The ideas are endless in Metagascar because it is up to the community to design, build and execute their ideas and passions.

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